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Unleash Your Business Potential With The Right People

Get Your Business On Track With Riverina Mind Design

Get Your Business On Track With Riverina Mind Design

The most important resource for any business is people.  Without a team who are committed and motivated to achieve success, your business won’t be in a position to fulfil its potential. Your business coach/mentor can help you recruit and surround yourself with like-minded people who can grow your business with you. To bring out the best  in your current team,  your coach/mentor can help you implement team training programs designed to get your team skilled up and on board for the ride.

If you are just starting out, business coaching can help you avoid costly errors, free up time, focus on tasks that generate the most value and achieve the results that you want quickly. If you’ve been in business for a while, coaching can help you realise profitable growth, challenge you to step up and set stretch targets, expand your leadership skills, evaluate new business opportunities and plan your exit strategy.

Even if you already consider yourself successful, business coaching can help you to step back and look at your business from a new perspective, put systems in place so that your venture runs smoothly without you (and is more valuable to a prospective purchaser) and ensure you have the right strategic plans in place to guard against a downturn.

You may be able to scrape by without a business coach, but it’s almost impossible to consistently grow your business profitably without the training, guidance and focus you will achieve by working with someone you can trust.

Supercharge Your Profits Quickly In Months

Riverina Mind Designs business coaching and mentoring programs are designed to  optimise your financial performance. We don’t just focus on sales – we help you implement a whole range of strategies that will help drive your business forward.  You will learn how to supercharge your profits with clever sales and marketing,  strategies for business growth, efficient business systems, increased productivity and better time management.

Along the way, we will challenge you, empower you and bring out your best, so that you are motivated enough to keep the momentum going, creating innovation, increased productivity and operational efficiencies in your business with the single focus of improving financial outcomes and setting up long-term sustainability so that you can start enjoying a new found freedom.

Business Mentoring Does Differ From Coaching

Coaching is focused on addressing specific development needs. Often these are oriented around skill-sets. Coaching can also include the development of coaching as a leadership style.

Business mentoring, on the other hand, provides guidance and direction in how to think about business issues, and competitiveness by using an exchange of experiences and scenarios that look at issues strategically.

However, mentoring and coaching are also frequently referred to interchangeably and appropriately overlap in the following areas to achieve the desired outcome sought by you and the needs of the business:

  • both require trust and commitment in the process and substantial interpersonal skills from coach and mentor
  • both aim for the individual to increase his or her effectiveness and apply it to the tasks at hand in a positive manner
  • both encourage stretch and provide support and challenge in pursuit of this
  • both assume some understanding of the director context – the issues and concerns of directors and the purpose and responsibility of directorship
  • both focus on learning and development – sometimes defined as nominating coaching from a skill-base and mentoring from an experience-base
  • both can include career guidance to review career goals and capabilities or a focus on the future of the business being driven by you
  • both involve an exchange of life and career experiences
  • both are collaborative alliances between client and mentor or coach

Mentoring is aimed at the individual achieving their full potential in their career and includes guidance and advice on specific business challenges, including strategy and policy. Wayne at Riverina Mind Design has, broad useful experience and the ability to share that with you at a practical and pragmatic level that is goal-directed and which you can adapt and apply to your own strategic business success. It is more “shared experience” in focus. 

Is your business lacking a little lustre? We help boost performance through business coaching programs designed to identify and implement winning strategies for success. Are you at a crossroads? Perhaps you’re working too hard or don’t have the results you deserve? Or maybe you’re just looking for a more effective way to grow your business profitably? We have extensive experience, coaching on all aspects of business, and have run a series of successful award winning businesses over 25 years.  Working in partnership with Riverina Mind Design, you will learn all you need to know about being successful in business and you will be given the tools to make changes that will set you on your way.

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