Eating & Weight Control

It’s Not What You’re Eating, It Is What’s Eating You.

Research shows over 2 million people (9% of the population) are affected by eating disorders in Australia. That’s a lot of unhappy people who are seriously harming their health and destroying their future.  Many people who suffer with an eating disorder also suffer from body dysmorphic  disorder.  Quite simply they don’t like the way they look, or feel about themselves. They think they look fat,  or overweight, when the reality is different. Although there is some very good support out there, it’s limited and many people don’t seek help but suffer alone and in silence for years. People with eating disorders are very much the secret, silent, sufferers.

Eating disorders have a significant and underestimated impact on Australian society. A person with an eating disorder may experience long term impairment to social and functional roles and the impact may include psychiatric and behavioural effects, medical complications, social isolation, disability and an increased risk of death.

The impact of an eating disorder is not only felt by the individual, but often by that person’s entire family or circle of support. For families, the impact may include caregiver stress, loss of family income, disruption to family relationships and a high suicide risk. These issues have increased worldwide over the last 30 years.

Eating Disorders what are they?

Eating disorders are a group of conditions that may involve insufficient or excessive eating.  It’s not just women who suffer, men get eating disorders too. We know these more commonly by the labels they are given, anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating.  Sadly, nowadays, they are sensationalised and trivialised by the media and the fashion industry.

Do you have problems managing food? Do you worry about your weight and how you look? Perhaps family members or friends have expressed concern that you have an eating disorder? You are certainly not alone. Whether you have anorexia, bulimia, or compulsively overeat, NLP and Hypnotherapy can help you to develop new, healthier patterns of behaviour and ways of eating, leading to increased self-confidence and body image.

For most people, Riverina Mind Designs combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy is successful with as few as two or three one-hour sessions to be FREE of eating problems and disorders for good. Say goodbye to your problems and claim back your life and get the body you deserve. Let our experience in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy help you do it Today!

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