Get Help For Anorexia Nervosa With Hypnotherapy & NLP

Get Help For Anorexia Nervosa With Hypnotherapy & NLP at Riverina Mind Design.

Get Help For Anorexia Nervosa With Hypnotherapy & NLP at Riverina Mind Design.

Anorexia nervosa is a tragic type of eating disorder because it is so debilitating and life threatening.  It is based in a thought pattern that once established can quickly spiral down in a continuous cycle of literally starving yourself to death.

About Anorexia Nervosa

People with anorexia nervosa are convinced their body is fat, so to deal with this perceived problem they feel compelled to starve themselves in an effort to become skinny.  The problem is that no matter how much weight they lose, every time they look in the mirror they see a fat person and so continue depriving their body of much-needed calories and nutrition.
Both men and women can be affected by anorexia nervosa, although girls and young women are by far the majority of sufferers.  Diagnosis of anorexia nervosa includes the following:

  • You are concerned and preoccupied with your weight and body shape
  • You worry constantly about gaining weight and getting fat
  • You are significantly underweight
  • Your extremely low rate is due to your own thought patterns and behaviour

One of the great tragedies of anorexia nervosa is that so many parents and families can see their loved one literally wasting away before their eyes, yet it is so hard to get that loved one to accept and succeed with treatment.  The mind’s power to drive behaviour is so strong that anorexia nervosa can take over and lead to death.

Hypnotherapy & NLP Providing Help For Anorexia Nervosa

NLP and Hypnotherapy can help with anorexia nervosa by helping you change the automatic thought patterns that have created such a destructive cycle in your life.  NLP teaches you conscious ways to respond when faced with particular thoughts or events, while Hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind to help you associate confident, happy times of your life with the situations that would otherwise trigger anorexic behaviour.  Working in combination with each other, these techniques can successfully break the cycle of destructive thought patterns and replace it with a new and healthy cycle.

It is also important to note that you should use NLP and Hypnotherapy in conjunction with regular medical treatment from your doctor.  Anorexia nervosa can have severe, long term health consequences so it is critical that your physician be involved in the recovery process.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Because anorexia nervosa is such a powerful disorder, treatment generally takes eight to ten one-hour sessions.  However, many people begin to see significant improvement within the first one or two sessions.  Occasionally we have a client who, despite our best efforts, does not respond to the treatment; this is rare, however, and not typical in our experience.

Anorexia nervosa is a serious disorder that can literally kill you. If you or a loved one suffers from anorexia nervosa, don’t wait another moment to enlist the help of Riverina Mind Design. Let our experience in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy help you Today!