The Power Of Hypnotherapy & NLP To Overcome Bulimia Nervosa

Use The Power Of NLP and Hypnotherapy To Overcome Bulimia Nervosa  at Riverina Mind Design.

Use The Power Of NLP and Hypnotherapy To Overcome Bulimia Nervosa at Riverina Mind Design.

Like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa is an extremely destructive and threatening eating disorder that can lead to long term health damage and even death.  It is based in the powerful fear of being overweight, but the bulimic person chooses a different way of making sure they don’t become fat.  They eat food (often a great deal of it) then turn right around and purge their bodies of the calories just eaten.

Bulimia Nervosa Is Planned Behaviour

Bulimia nervosa is a disorder of destructive thought patterns that also includes a strong element of planning.  In other words, people with bulimia often make very clear plans on how and where they will binge eat and then either purge by vomiting or exercise excessively to get rid of the extra calories.  Other times they start out having a good day and eat a normal meal, but then figure they have already eaten that much so why not eat even more and then purge themselves.

Some of the symptoms of bulimia nervosa include the following:

  • Heavy binge eating followed by purging or excessive exercise
  • Use of fasting, enemas, and vomiting to help control weight
  • Using diuretics and laxatives excessively to help control weight
  • Excessive and compulsive exercise
  • Loss of control during binging
  • Self loathing, stress, depression, and feelings of failure
  • Repeated cycles of overeating and purging

The fear of being overweight is incredibly strong in a person with bulimia nervosa, and that’s why the binge and purge cycle happens over and over again.  The key to breaking this cycle is to teach sufferers how to change their automatic thought patterns that trigger the destructive bulimic behaviours.

The Power Of NLP And Hypnotherapy

NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques break the cycle of bulimia nervosa by targeting your conscious and unconscious mind in combination with each other.  You learn to think in different ways in order to become more flexible in your thoughts and allow you to make conscious choices along the way.  Your subconscious is also reached, helping you to focus on good feelings and making bulimic thoughts seem unpleasant and unattractive.

As with other eating disorders, bulimia nervosa often creates significant problems with nutrition and health.  Because of this, we strongly recommend working with a certified nutritionist or your doctor to help address this issue.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most people are treated successfully with just two to four one-hour sessions At Riverina Mind Design but we have had clients who have suffered from years of bulimia stop this behaviour after just one session.  Your individual results will vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances, but your practitioner will always focus on resolving the problem in as few sessions as possible.

Bulimia Nervosa can have lasting emotional and health effects on your life, so now is the time to get rid of it once and for all. Let our experience in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy help you do it Today!

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