Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP – We Can Help Cure Your Fears And Phobias of Sex.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP – We Can Help Cure Your Fears And Phobias of Sex at Riverina Mind Design.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP – We Can Help Cure Your Fears And Phobias of Sex at Riverina Mind Design.

Many people have fears and phobias, ranging from the mildly uncomfortable to the paralysing and debilitating.  Fear or phobia of sex is surprisingly common, yet seldom discussed openly and honestly.  Regardless of how long you have had your fear of sex, we can help you overcome it in a very short period of time.

About The Fear Of Sex

The fear or phobia of sex often develops from some traumatic or frightening experience, but it can also arise based on fears about a first-time experience as well.  However the phobia develops, it is continued and reinforce by the patterns of thought in your mind and imagination.   Many times all it takes is a single isolated incident to generate fear and cause you to generalise that fear to a wide range of situations.  For instance, you might have a sexual experience where you were embarrassed or ridiculed in some way by your partner.  The next time you think about having a sexual encounter, you feel intense fear and worry that you might face embarrassment or ridicule again.  The result?  You avoid sex because of your phobia about it.

This might seem odd to you, but it is actually a very common pattern in people who develop phobias about sex or many other things.  To the person trapped in the phobia, the experience is real and vivid, requiring real help to move past the phobia and get rid of it for good.

Hypnotherapy & NLP Techniques

NLP and Hypnotherapy are very effective at curing phobias and fears about sex.  They can do this so well because they use the power of your brain to take the fear you have learned sometime in the past and replace it with a new belief that is positive and constructive.  In other words, we use the same process that created the phobia to get rid of the fear and replace it with something healthy and positive.

Fears and phobias about sex are due to unconscious, automatic patterns of thought.  Using the combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy, your practitioner will work with you to help your conscious mind make clear, deliberate decisions while working with your unconscious mind to reinforce this new thought pattern and turn it into an automatic, unconscious response.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most cases of phobia or fear of sex can be treated and resolved in a single one-hour session.  Sometimes, in the case of extreme and persistent phobia, we encounter a client who needs an additional session or two to fully eliminate their fear or phobia of sex.

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