NLP and Hypnotherapy: We Can Help Cure Your Fears And Phobias

Get HELP to Cure Your Phobia TODAY at Riverina Mind Design.

Get HELP to Cure Your Phobia TODAY at Riverina Mind Design.

Many people have fears and phobias, ranging from the mildly uncomfortable to the paralysing and debilitating.  Regardless of where you might fall on this spectrum, if you have a fear or a phobia we can help you cure it in a very short time here at Riverina Mind Design.

How Phobias Develop

Most fears and phobias develop after some sort of frightening or traumatic experience. This experience may occur in childhood or in adulthood, it doesn’t matter; what matters is how your mind processes the experience and uses it to form patterns of thought.  It takes a single (often isolated) experience and generalises it to apply in all sorts of other situations and circumstances. For instance, let’s say you are drinking a glass of juice outdoors and are stung by a bee.  Your mind might take that one event and associate it with all the other times you drink juice; when you drink juice you get stung, so it’s okay to be afraid of drinking juice.

This might seem silly and extreme as you sit here reading this, but it’s an all too common occurrence in people who have developed some sort of fear or phobia. It is very real to them, and because of this they need real, serious help to be cured.  The good news is that NLP and hypnotherapy are very well suited to provide this kind of help.

NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques

NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques are extremely effective for curing phobias and fears because they take advantage of your brain’s ability to learn rapidly, even from a single experience. Your fear or phobia was learned at some point in your life as your mind created a pattern that in turn led to certain behaviours. We can just as easily use the same process to help your mind create a new pattern that leads to new, more positive behaviours.

Now, years ago the approach to treatment for fears and phobias was much different. The two most common methods were to either desensitise the person with gradually increasing exposure to the feared object, or to confront the person with the feared object full on and force the development of a new way to deal with the situation. Thank goodness we are now able to move away from these uncomfortable and often unsuccessful methods!

Because fears and phobias are the products of automatic and unconscious thoughts, the combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy is able to affect those thoughts by approaching them from two different perspectives. From the conscious part of your mind, NLP teaches how to make clear, conscious decisions when faced with a triggering situation.  From the unconscious part of your mind, hypnotherapy teaches your mind to make changes to the automatic thought processes more subtly, drawing on your deep inner resources that may not have been fully used before.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most phobias are fully resolved in just a single one-hour session, but occasionally we have a client that needs another session or two to be completely successful.

Riverina Mind Designs combination of powerful NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy can set you FREE of your Phobia for good. Say goodbye to your Phobias and claim back your life. Let our experience in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy help you do it Today!

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