Returning Smoker Form


Welcome Back
It seems that you have not achieved the results you (and we) would have liked, and for that we are sorry. We always want success for our clients. It also seems that you have a deep unconscious reluctance to giving up your cigarette habit, making it more difficult on an unconscious level to get the congruency we need for success. Whatever the reason, you are not happy, and thus, neither areThis means we will support you and give you sessions to help you become a non-smoker again.You have not achieved the success you (or we) wanted. I always want for people to quit smoking, that is why I do this. There is only one requirement for our program to work. For you, the client to fully want success on all levels.Sometimes people do come into our office fully consciously want to quit. But there is a “part” of them that does not.

Thus, we are reiterating to you our guarantee of lifetime support. You are entitled to free backup for life, and we are happily here for you. We provide the best techniques available in the field, and support our clients with free lifetime backup (something most other practitioners don’t do). I am sure that just as you would not spend hours of your time working for free, you must surely see that it would be unfair to expect us to do so but we want you to achieve success.

Remember there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Please fill in your details below along with your $50 booking fee so we can secure your place and help you become a Non-Smoker for life.