NLP and Hypnotherapy To Help Stop Teeth Grinding

NLP and Hypnotherapy To Help Stop Teeth Grinding at Riverina Mind Design.

NLP and Hypnotherapy To Help Stop Teeth Grinding at Riverina Mind Design.

Bruxism, the grinding or clenching of your teeth, is an unpleasant and widespread problem.  Many people do not realize they suffer from bruxism and they most certainly developed the condition unknowingly.  Even though it sounds relatively harmless, grinding your teeth can quickly lead to long term damage and deterioration of your teeth.  Nobody wants to end up with bad teeth and poor dental health, so even though teeth grinding might seem like a small thing it is very important to get the help you need to stop bruxism as soon as possible.

More About Teeth Grinding

A number of factors can contribute to bruxism, including anxiety, stress, pain, anger, and frustration, which help to create unconscious thought patterns that lead to grinding your teeth.  Most people don’t realize they suffer from bruxism until their dentist says something about it or they notice some of the more common symptoms of teeth grinding.  These include:

  • Clenching and/or grinding the teeth while sleeping, often making a distinct noise
  • Worn and damaged tooth enamel
  • Worn and flattened teeth
  • Clicking or pain in the jaw
  • Tension in your jaw and face muscles
  • Earache due to muscle tension
  • Frequent headaches not helped by common pain relievers
  • Waking up with tongue indentations
  • Ridges of tissue on the inside of your cheek due to the chewing motion of teeth grinding

Many of these signs and symptoms resemble those of other medical problems or conditions, so it’s a good idea to see your dentist to get a firm diagnosis of the problem.

Help From NLP And Hypnotherapy

Teeth grinding can occur during the day or at night while you’re asleep.  In either case, it can be stopped by changing the patterns of your thoughts and your behaviours.  This is called re-patterning and it is easily accomplished with the help of NLP and Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques.  NLP approaches the problem through your conscious mind, teaching you to make conscious choices about your thought patterns.  Hypnotherapy approaches the problem through your unconscious mind, re-patterning your thoughts and feelings on a very deep, inner level.  These techniques can also deal with any underlying anxiety or stress that may be contributing to your bruxism.  Working together, this combination can achieve remarkable results in a very short time.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

Most clients can resolve their teeth grinding problem in one or two hour-long sessions.  If there are other underlying causes that need to be address, one or two additional sessions might be necessary.  Occasionally at Riverine Mind Design, we see a client whose bruxism does not respond fully to NLP and hypnotherapy, but this is not a common occurrence.

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