Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To Eliminate Insomnia For Good

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To Eliminate Insomnia For Good at Riverina Mind Design.

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy To Eliminate Insomnia For Good at Riverina Mind Design.

Your mother probably told you many times that a good night’s sleep is important to staying healthy and happy. The good news is that your mother was right. The bad news is that a large number of people are not getting a good night’s sleep because they suffer from insomnia. More good news is that Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP can work with your thought patterns, and also with your anxiety about your insomnia, and can help you to feel sleepy at bedtime without sleep medications, and make your insomnia a thing of the past, for good.

What you need to know about insomnia (and probably already do …)

As you’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep, insomnia can seem like an insurmountable problem that will plague you for the rest of your life. And for some people, this ends up being the case. Your specific symptoms of insomnia may vary, but the most common ones we see in our clients include:

• Difficulty falling asleep at your regular bed time
• Regularly waking up too early
• Regularly waking up in the middle of the night
• Irritability and moodiness
• Feeling sleepy and fatigued during the day

Regardless of whether you share all of these symptoms or just one of these symptoms, the effects are the same. Instead of getting a restful night of rejuvenating sleep you toss and turn throughout the night. And once this cycle develops, it tends to get worse and worse as your thoughts and fears feed upon themselves and grow stronger.
Although insomnia might seem to be an isolated condition, there are some common causes that contribute to continuing insomnia, such as:

• Use or abuse of sleep medications, both prescription and over the counter
• Stress and anxiety that cause excessive worrying
• Pain or physical discomfort
• General boredom
• Use or abuse of stimulants, both prescription and common ones like caffeine
• Trying too hard to get to sleep, making sleep harder to achieve

Talk to your doctor about your insomnia

If you think pain, stimulants, or sleep medications are the source of your insomnia you should see your doctor for a check up to rule out medical conditions. If you think any of the other common causes apply to your situation, then the problem lies in the way your mind thinks. You can quickly and easily cure your insomnia by simply changing your thought patterns.

Getting help for insomnia from Hypnotherapy & NLP techniques

NLP and Hypnotherapy help to relieve insomnia by helping you change the way your mind thinks, both consciously and unconsciously. Your practitioner will teach you how to consciously change your automatic thought patterns in order to change the responses and behaviours that come out of those patterns. He or she will also use hypnotherapy to address and change these destructive patterns at a very deep inner level of your unconscious mind.

‘How long will treatment for my insomnia take?’

For most people, Riverina Mind Designs combination of NLP and Hypnotherapy is successful with as few as two or four one-hour sessions to help you resolve your insomnia for good. Start getting the DEEP SLEEP you need and claim back your life.Don’t spend another sleepless night, tossing and turning in frustration, let our experience in NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy help you Today!

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