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Help For Binge Drinking Problems With Hypnotherapy & NLP at Riverina Mind Design.

Help For Binge Drinking Problems With Hypnotherapy & NLP at Riverina Mind Design.

Excess drinking and binge drinking is a far more widespread problem than many people care to admit. From wild college parties to silent withdrawal into a world of alcoholism, there is a wide range of ways binge drinking can damage your life and your health.

Our society might hold up alcohol as an important part of life, and the advertisers certainly try hard to convince you that the right kind of alcohol will attract the partner of your dreams.

All of this is deceiving, though, and has created an environment where our perceptions and expectations of the “right” way to drink alcohol have become confused.

More About Binge Drinking Problems

Most people don’t set out to engage in binge drinking. On the contrary, most binge drinkers intend to have just a social drink, or just a couple of drinks to relax and ease away stress and anxiety.

Somewhere along the way, however, they lose control and end up extremely drunk. The next day, feelings of guilt and remorse and embarrassment set in, causing you to once again say “I’ll never drink that much again”.

Unfortunately, the thought pattern that causes you to make that statement is the same thought pattern that causes you to binge drink in the first place.

But what exactly is binge drinking?

• Heavy drinking that occurs over a short period of time
• Drinking with the specific intention of getting drunk
• Drinking that leads to physical or social harm
• Drinking that occurs in groups
• Drinking based on the belief that you have to be drunk to have fun

When it comes right down to it, binge drinking is based in a thought pattern that focuses on getting drunk. In other words, people with this thought pattern spend so much time thinking about what they should not do that they end up doing exactly the thing they don’t want to do.

The only way to effectively stop binge drinking for good is to identify this thought pattern and replace it with a new thought pattern that is positive and constructive rather than negative and destructive.

How Can Hypnotherapy & NLP Help With Binge Drinking?

NLP and Hypnotherapy are very effective techniques for identifying and changing the thought patterns that lead to destructive automatic responses and behaviours. They work with your unconscious mind and your conscious mind to turn your mind in a more useful direction and stop the unwanted behaviour for good.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

On average, our clients can change the way they think about alcohol and eliminate binge drinking in one to three one-hour sessions. They tell us the experience is quite liberating and leads to a strong sense of freedom and peace.

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