Overcoming Anorgasmia With NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Overcoming Anorgasmia With NLP and Hypnotherapy at Riverina Mind Design.

Overcoming Anorgasmia With NLP and Hypnotherapy at Riverina Mind Design.

Anorgasmia is an extremely frustrating condition in which a woman or a man is unable to reach orgasm. It can have physical causes, but in over 90% of all cases the cause is psychological. The good news is that this means NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy are well suited to help eliminate this problem. With the right help from a trained practitioner, your anorgasmia can be cured in an astonishingly short period of time.

About Anorgasmia

Most cases of anorgasmia are a form of performance anxiety.  In other words, the woman or man is anxious or fearful that she/he won’t have an orgasm so is then unable to have one.  There are several potential underlying causes of anorgasmia, including:

  • A previous trauma
  • A previous negative or bad experience
  • Lack of emotional closeness or connection with the sexual partner
  • First time attempting to reach orgasm
  • Pressure from the sexual partner to reach orgasm

Regardless of what is causing your anorgasmia, you don’t have to spend long hours examining your past in order to cure the problem.  Relief can be achieved by simply focusing on your thoughts and feelings, as well as the unconscious patterns and responses they trigger.

With the help of NLP and Hypnotherapy, you can identify the thought processes that create the automatic response of anorgasmia and choose new, more productive thought processes to incorporate in their place.  Once the new thought processes are firmly stored in both your conscious and unconscious mind, they become the new automatic response that creates the results you want.  And that means being able to enjoy the full effects and benefits of reaching orgasm.

How NLP And Hypnotherapy Can Help

NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques can resolve problems with anorgasmia by helping you consciously choose new patterns of thought and response.  What’s more, you can reinforce these new patterns by reaching into your unconscious mind to cement them into your experience and use them to create positive automatic responses and behaviours.  Using these techniques in combination with each other can help you re-pattern the way you think, feel, and respond.
Imagine how your life would be different and better if you could get rid of the anxiety and stress that is part of anorgasmia, and replace them with the calm and centred feelings that allow you to achieve a normal orgasm.  The relationship with your partner will improve, your sense of self esteem will grow, and your heart will enjoy a new sense of closeness and intimacy.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

On average the treatment for anorgasmia occupies from two to four one-hour sessions.

If anorgasmia is causing you problems and disrupting your sex life, Riverina Mind Design can help.  Our trained and professional approach to NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy can break the cycle of dysfunction and help you learn how to create a free and easy sexual experience!

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